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23 Aug 2020

Living Walls | 8 Large Privacy Plants for Natural Barriers

At its best, outdoor living combines architectural structures with elements of the natural world. When looking to create privacy in urban or suburban outdoor settings, ‘living walls’ make a great natural alternative to fencing and other privacy structures.

Evergreen trees make for great privacy plants, and these medium-to-large selections can be used both in suburban settings and even in larger, rural applications. Check out the following large evergreens for living walls, and learn more about each with our Plant Profiles.


16 Apr 2020

Work Safety Practices During COVID-19

To our customers,

As some of you may have noticed, our crews are on the road and working in your neighborhoods. As an essential business, we are thankfully able to continue providing service while keeping all our staff employed at regular rates.


23 Mar 2020

March 23 Update | COVID-19 Prevention Measures


To our customers,

In keeping with guidance from Governor Wolf’s Office ordering a Temporary Shutdown of Non-Life Sustaining Businesses, our staff will be working on a limited basis during the period of March 23-29. Per NAICS industry standards, landscape services have been deemed “essential,” and are permitted to operate during this period. As of today, we plan to return to our full-time normal operations on Monday, March 30.


22 Mar 2020

March 20 Update | COVID-19 Prevention Measures


To Our Customers,

We are reaching out to give you insight into how Sylvan Gardens is responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

We are in the business of installing and maintaining landscapes for people to enjoy, but realize that we have new responsibilities in how we deliver these services during this period of social distancing.


22 Mar 2020

Staff Guidance | COVID-19 Prevention Measures


Please find our latest guidance to all Sylvan Gardens staff regarding the COVID-19 crisis below.

On-Site Meetings

We will be postponing all on-site client meetings during the state-mandated pause in business. Upon returning to work, we will still be limiting in-person meetings for design & proposal work. Electronic communication will be the de facto means of communication for the foreseeable future. We may still arrive on your site to perform estimates and measurements, but will not have in-person meetings during these times, for your safety and ours. 


10 Jan 2020

2020 Landscaping Trends | New Outdoor Design Ideas for Your Home

The new year is a time for personal resolutions. It’s also a great time to make resolutions for your landscape. Breeze into the new growing season with the newest design and planting ideas by checking out the top 2020 landscaping trends according to green industry professionals.

Eco-Friendly Landscapes

Sustainable design is working it’s way into every industry, and it’s on the mind of more consumers than ever. Landscaping lends itself to sustainable design naturally, but there are still outdated designs than can be improved with new and natural approaches.READ MORE

27 Aug 2019

Fall Turf Care | Identify & Address Common Turf Problems

In a previous post, we explored the most common fall turf care processes.

Core aeration, dethatching and slice-seeding are all great ways to buffer your lawn. While these processes can promote turf health, they aren’t a cure for all problems. Correctly identifying common turf pests & diseases is the critical first step in total lawn care.

A range of factors can create stresses on your lawn, but can you tell one issue from another? Here, we’ll review some problems Pittsburgh homeowners are likely to find in their yards, and how fall turf care programs can help to fight back against summer turf stress.


30 Jul 2019
Fall Turf Care - Aeration

Fall Turf Care | Four Basic Steps to Help Your Lawn Thrive

Keeping your lawn green and healthy is year-round work, and fall turf care is the way to make the most of it.

Expensive fertilizers and constant watering might be necessary for the hot summer months. But when temperatures drop, the careful application of fall turf care will help your lawn bounce back from the summer heat, survive the coming winter and, most importantly, pop the following spring.

You may know the common terms of fall turf care – core aeration, overseeding and dethatching. But do you know how each helps your lawn? Read on to discover the basics of fall turf care, and see how each can turn your lawn into an award winner.


31 Jan 2019

Five Reasons to Start Your Green Industry Career Today

We all look for the same things in a new job. But what do you look for in a career? If you’ve never considered landscaping before, or are looking to make moves within the market, make this your time to start a new green industry career.

Employers are hiring and new contracts are in no short supply. The work is there for everyone — but not every company has the workers they need.

Now more than ever, landscaping companies are ready to grow. Here are five ways you can grow your green industry career with them.


25 Jan 2019

Winter Garden Care | 5 Tips to Prepare Your Plants for Winter

The growing season has reached its end and it’s time to prepare the garden for the big freeze. Your shrubs and perennials will find their way into hibernation on their own, but should you help them prepare with winter garden care anyway?


Proper winter garden care isn’t just about surviving cold temperatures. You can also ready your garden for spring blooms by clearing things out during the fall and winter. Your yard will look cleaner, and the start of the next growing season will be a breeze.READ MORE