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Dedicated to Client Relationships

Sylvan Gardens is seeking an experienced and dedicated Account Manager to build and strengthen customer relationships and direct our commercial maintenance teams.

The Account Manager will be the point of contact between clients and maintenance crews, overseeing the big picture of each maintenance account while understanding that the smallest details are often the most important to a job well done.

Account Managers will primarily communicate job requirements to the Operations Managers and ensure quality work by following up with customers, paying special attention to challenges specific to each job. You will be responsible for building strong, long-term relationships with a wide range of clients.


As a maintenance account manager, you'll be an important conduit between operations managers, clients and crews. Duties include:

  • Demonstrating and living out company fundamentals and culture.
  • Model and enforce all company policies and procedures.
  • Monitor, mentor and lead teams in order to balance company goals with employee satisfaction.
  • Receive client concerns and communicate any problems or accolades to operations managers in a timely manner.
  • Understand each property under your supervision in great detail, getting to know clients, property managers & others on a first-name basis.
  • Develop delivery schedule deadlines and oversee the development of production planning and schedule creation.
  • Establish staffing levels for each crew and 'work season' based upon need.
  • Effective compilation of site analyses during estimation phase.
  • Coordinate projects between Operations Managers and Crew Leaders.
  • Prepare and interpret estimates, proposals and contracts.
  • Foster and continuously improve client relationships throughout and after project completion.
  • Educate clients throughout the year on the efficacy and need for each seasonal function, from spring cleanups to weekly mowing and more.
  • Seek out ways to continuously improve the details of each job and upsell enhancements when necessary.


Our Maintenance crews service our largest and most tenured accounts. As an Account Manager, you'll be in charge of the teams that maintain our good standing.

In working for these clients, you and your crews won't just be maintaining the grounds -- you'll be maintaining our most important business relationships.

The careful and timely completion of scheduled work is only half the job. Communicating with clients, leading your Operations Managers and working directly with a number of clients all require that you can handle multiple tasks and point them all toward achieving the same goal of reliable, friendly work.

In overseeing these accoutns and crews, you'll be working for a range of clients. Whether on a commercial property busy with employees or in a neighborhood working for an HOA, our clients will come to see you and your crews regularly.

When they do, we know they'll see us arriving on schedule, working hard and always ready to meet their expectations.


We require an Account Manager who can meet basic criteria, including:

  • 2-plus years of experience working with a range of residential and commercial customers managing maintenance accounts of various sizes.
  • A thorough understanding of the hands-on fundamentals of landscape maintenance, from neighborhood-scale edge & mulch operations to weekly maintenance, seasonal cleanups & more.
  • An ability to detect problem areas in the landscape and upsell appropriate enhancements.
  • A background in sales and customer relationship management, including estimating job requirements and preparing proposals.
  • An ability to communicate all client concerns to the appropriate Operations Managers and to follow up on completed tasks accordingly.
  • An understanding of basic CRM and other software (familiarity with Google Docs, Microsoft Excel & LMN Time Management Software a plus).
  • Bachelor's Degree preferred, High School Diploma or GED required.
  • Landscape industry certifications preferred.

Compensation & Benefits

The Account Manager role is a full-time, senior-level position in the company with competitive pay and benefits.

Other benefits include:

  • Annual Bonuses
  • Company Vehicle
  • Paid Vacation
  • Medical Benefits
  • $50,000 - $60,000 Salary (Pending Experience)

Where You’ll Fit In

Sylvan Careers

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Sylvan Careers
Crew Member Assistant Crew Supervisor Crew Supervisor / Foreman Operations Manager Account Manager

Crew Member

Our entry-level position, laborers work regular seasonal hours in our maintenance and design/build teams. An ability to work with different crew leaders in season-specific jobs is key. Experienced laborers with a knack for problem solving are our first choice for new hires as crew leaders or in other management roles.

Compensation | $

Assistant Crew Supervisor

Our assistant crew leaders work closely with the crew leader/foreman to assist and direct laborers and job needs. Will work to create familiarity with our most prominent properties and all equipment. Assistant Crew Leaders can move quickly into roles as drivers and crew leaders.

Compensation | $$

Crew Supervisor / Foreman

Crew Leaders are the first rung in the management ladder. Our crew leaders work closely with laborers, operations managers and our clients to help take the work from designed to done. Crew Leaders are eligible for benefits including health insurance and paid time off, as well as assistance in earning green industry certifications. Strong knowledge of equipment, industry standard practices and a driver's license are essential.

Compensation | $$$

Operations Manager

Operations Managers have broad responsibilities in production, management and customer relations. An ability to oversee projects from the design phase to completion & customer follow-up is a must, as is providing production staff with the material and guidance they need to complete work on time. Eligible for health insurance, company vehicle and other benefits, these positions require an ability to complete multiple production and management tasks at once.

Compensation | $$$$

Account Manager

Account managers are the first point of contact for our clients. The success of our company is founded on customer service, and those in this position maintain our reputation by understanding our clients' needs and concerns and relaying relevant information to the production staff. Eligible for all available benefits and bonus programs and continuing education assistance in green industry programs. Significant hands-on industry experience and formal landscape education required.

Compensation | $$$$$

Join the team that grows! We know it’s not enough to just offer a paycheck, and that’s why we offer careers our employees can take charge of.

We offer clear and specific career paths in our landscape maintenance and design & build teams, and work closely with our full-time staff to see that they can work their way up into new roles with greater responsibilities and benefits.

We always work to promote from within, making sure that a career at Sylvan Gardens is a lasting and fulfilling one. Start yours today by learning more about our roles and opportunities.

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