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Integrated Landcare Programs

Our residential maintenance programs combine elements of all our landscaping services. The Shadyside home above includes our turf care & weekly maintenance programs, while the planting beds include elements of our seasonal color programs, plant care (pruning & fertilization) and bed edging & mulch installations. The finest landscapes benefit from an integrated, year-long approach to landcare, as seen in the home above.



Let us take the work out of your weekends. Our residential maintenance programs are meant to give you the peace of mind that your home's landscape is well-maintained and healthy, and our full range of service means your property will look it's absolute best no matter the time of year.


Our first job is to take the hard work out of your hands. Our crews are efficient, organized and experts in landscape maintenance. We'll tend to your property in uniform and on schedule, and your neighbors will always recognize our clean white trucks.


Like your home, a great landscape is built on a great foundation. That means starting with healthy soil and thoughtful designs.

Our design & installation crews can get you started with the landscape elements you're looking for, whether it's getting rid of an overgrown shrub or designing an entire new backyard with hardscape and planting elements.

From that foundation, our maintenance crews will make sure your landscape not only looks good, but is healthy and ready to thrive.

Our Residential Landcare Services

Our standard residential maintenance services include:

  Weekly Maintenance & Weed Control
  Spring & Fall Cleanups
 Bed Edging & Mulch Installation
  Seasonal Turf Fertilization Programs
  Advanced Turf Care Programs - Soil pH Testing, Aeration & Overseeding
  Tree Care - Pruning, Root Collar Stabilization & Pest Identification
  Seasonal Color Installations - Annuals Gardens & Winter Interest
  Plant Care - Pruning, Pest Identification & Fertilization

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