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While perennials are the plants du jour in most landscape designs, these long-lived plants rarely offer the same combination of instant curb appeal and the lengthy bloom time of annuals. Our annual installations can give you showy gardens and months of colorful bloom that more popular perennials can't match on their own.


Perennials can be picky, requiring ideal soil conditions, light & shade considerations and protection from over- or under-watering in order to stay most healthy. While those conditions can often be controlled, annuals are often better suited to growing well in less-than-ideal circumstances. These plants often thrive in full sunlight and retain their color throughout the growing season. Our winter interest installations can also make use of cut plants, such as evergreens and hardwood perennials, to give your spaces color through the winter.


Give your garden season-long interest with a combination of perennial and annual plants. Annuals can thrive in less-ideal conditions with shallow-soil root structures and a greater tolerance for sun and drought. They also bring color to the garden from the day they're planted to first frost, complementing short-bloom perennials with color until winter sets in.


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Key Benefits of the Service

Aesthetics are at the heart of landscape design, and few elements bring more immediate or noticeable impact than an annual garden. These showy plants give your property instant eye candy and bring benefits that more-popular perennials can't offer.

  Instant curb appeal. Installed annual gardens bring color to your garden right away.
  Consistent color. Unlike perennial blooms, annuals hold their color for months on end.
 Cost benefit. Annuals can be much more affordable than their perennial counterparts.
  Surprising hardiness. Despite a shorter lifespan, annuals can adapt well to unsuitable conditions.
  Seasonal options. Different varieties of annuals offer color suited to cooler or warmer months.

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