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Drainage & Water Mgmt.

Our work, whether it be maintenance, installation or anything else, always starts underground. Creating and maintaining a product that is impressive and healthy at eye-level starts with what happens below the surface.

When we think of this, we often think of soils and foundations. However, water may be the most critical underground force your landscape will contend with. Its presence in the soils (or lack thereof) has great impact on the health of your plants, the stability of your hardscape installation -- even the integrity of your home's foundation.

Our landscape construction crews can help you optimize water in your landscape. Whether it's controlling runoff, drying out a pesky wet spot or installing a water feature to enhance your landscape's beauty, we can help.

Our Services Include:

  French Drain and other underground water controls
  Bioswales and other organic water management techniques
 Direct downspout runoff away from critical areas
  Install dry wells in low-lying areas
  Redirect water away from your home with landscape grading
  Install rain gardens as showy option for excess water collection
  Select the proper plants to match the water availability in your landscape

A water feature is the keystone of an outdoor courtyard at this business park.

Snow Removal

It's not always easy to contend with the Northeast climate. Let us take some of the pressures of Pittsburgh's winter months off your mind with our professional snow & ice removal services.

A critical job for homeowner's associations and commercial properties, our crews work through the winter to help make your property safer and easier to navigate. We can't change the weather, but that doesn't mean we can't live with it. 

Using industry-standard products and top-of-the-line snow removal equipment, we can help your property contend with the elements throughout the winter.

Our Snow Removal Services Include:

  Snow shoveling and snowblowing for sidewalks, stairs and ramps
  Snow plowing, including a fleet of trucks and material handlers
 Rock salt applications ensure your property is clear at frigid temperatures
  Calcium chloride pellets leave fewer residuals & are easier on vegetation
  On-call service. Your commercial property will be clear before customers arrive
  Plans are available on seasonal and per-occurrence bases
  Our staff is trained to work quickly and minimize plant & turf damage

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