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Our Core Production Staff

Crew Members are the core of our production teams. As a Maintenance Crew Member, you'll work with a team under the direction of your Crew Supervisor to help fulfill our commercial and residential maintenance contracts. These clients are the core of our business, many of whom have worked with us since the company's founding in 2012.

Your team is responsible for providing these clients with year-round landcare, including mowing & turf management, seasonal cleanups, seasonal color installation and commercial snow removal. Our staff is responsible for completing top-notch work, while providing the trademark customer service that's come to define the Sylvan name.



As a Crew Member, you'll be asked to support your Crew Supervisor with seasonal landcare and other services, including:

Weekly mowing with commercial lawncare equipment.
Trimming, edging, weeding, mulching & other detail work using powered equipment.
Leaf cleanups, light pruning & basic plant care service.
Snow removal, including shoveling and application of snowmelting products.
Scheduled maintenance of crew trucks and equipment.
Scheduled maintenance of office grounds and garage.


Our Maintenance crews service our biggest and most tenured accounts. In working for these clients, you and your crew won't just be maintaining the grounds -- you'll be maintaining our most important business relationships.

In working on these sites, you'll be working for a range of clients. Whether on a commercial property busy with employees or in a neighborhood working for an HOA, our clients will come to see you and your crew regularly.

When they do, we know they'll see us arriving on schedule, working hard and always ready to meet their expectations.


We require that all our Crew Members are able to meet basic criteria, including:

Ability to lift 20 pounds regularly.
Ability to lift up to 60 pounds occasionally and in a safe manner.
Ability to operate powered landscape equipment, including mowers, trimmers, blowers & other basic equipment.
Ability to adhere to safety standards & commitment to regular use of personal protective equipment.
Ability to attain reliable transportation to and from work.
A willingness to work in adverse weather, at irregular hours and in fast-changing conditions.
A commitment to working well in a team, observing all reasonable responsibilities as part of the job.
Prior landscaping experience a plus, but hands-on training is available for motivated newcomers.

Compensation & Benefits

Crew Members are our entry-level workers, but there's no better place to start working your way up the ladder. Heading into 2019, our entire management staff started in production as Crew Members or Assistant Supervisors. Those who are willing to learn and able to exceed expectations can quickly earn promotions and new benefits.

Other benefits include:

$14 hourly starting wage, with opportunity to start higher based on experience and abilities.
Employee Referral Program | Staff can earn up to $700 in bonuses for each successful referral hire.
 Free uniforms
Free PPE | Safety glasses, high-visibility vests & earplugs.
Paid travel time between jobs.

Where You’ll Fit In

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Join the team that grows! We know it’s not enough to just sign a paycheck. That’s why we provide careers our employees can take charge of.

Sylvan Gardens offers clear and specific career paths in our landscape maintenance and design & build teams. We work closely with full-time staff to see that they can work their way up into new roles with greater responsibilities and benefits.

We always work to promote from within, making sure that a career at Sylvan Gardens is a lasting and fulfilling one. Start yours today by learning more about our roles and opportunities.

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