Bring the Outdoors Home

Getting Started

Any new project around the home can be an endeavor. Our team is here to make sure your new outdoor living project is a breeze, and that starts with understanding our landscaping design process.

As homeowners, we understand that new projects can be daunting. The unknowns of making such big changes to your property can be great, especially if a new project marks your first time working with a commercial landscaper.

Our job as designers and installers is to help take the guesswork out of your project.

Oftentimes, taking the first step can be the most difficult part. 

We'll provide designs and job proposals covering all areas of your new installation. Our operations managers and sales staff are always available to answer any questions or handle any issues during the installation process.

As with every job, we'll follow up to make sure your new plants remain healthy and that your project continues to meet your expectations.

We're open to feedback throughout the landscaping design process. Your outdoor spaces will be a combination of your vision and our expertise, and we'll strive to answer every question you might have, including initial design ideas, continuing plant care and more.

Read on to learn more about what you can expect each step of the way, and how you can take the first step toward creating great new landscapes for your home.


I. The Landscaping Design Process

Initial Request

Once we're in touch, we'll begin discussing your plans. The site walk is the starting point, and one of the most critical parts of the process. Our designers will meet you at your property, reviewing the space and your vision for it. We'll also take notes, measurements and photos, getting ready to put your design and proposal to paper.

Design & Proposal

After reviewing the site and your ideas, we'll go into the lab to come up with your design & proposal. For larger installations, this may include 2D or 3D designs of plants, hardscape features & more. Our design software will also create a detailed breakdown of each component of your project.

Finalized Plans

We'll send the final drafts of our designs & proposals back to you for your signature. This is the point at which the plan is written in ink, and our installation teams begin the processes of scheduling and purchasing the material for your job. We'll remain in touch to let you know exactly when we'll be visiting your property, and what to expect once we get there.

Your Planview Design

Getting started can be the most difficult part of a large project, especially if you have never worked with a commercial landscaping company before.

Our designers are here to help, whether you have a specific plan in mind or a blank slate in need of recommendations. We'll take you through each step of our design process, making sure there are no surprises.

Tap the highlighted areas of the design below to view the elements of your landscape design in greater detail.

Backyard 2D Planview Design
New Plants Existing Structures Plant Labels Additional Features

New Plants

New planting designs are laid out in 2D "Planview," allowing you to see the layout of your plants once they've reached maturity (near their full growth potential).

Existing Structures

We'll lay out the existing features of your property, helping you to understand how your new landscaping elements will tie into existing architecture, geography, etc.

Plant Labels

New design elements are clearly labeled in these rendered designs, allowing you to research your plants and other features to learn more about their specific characteristics.

Additional Features

We'll lay out additional features of your new landscape, including hardscaping and outdoor living options, to give you a complete picture of how your new landscapes will come to life.


Our design software can lay out your new landscapes in two- and three-dimensional renderings. Picturing a mature landscape before the first shovel has broken ground can be difficult, but our in-house designs help to eliminate the unknowns of new installations.

The rendering above is shown in "planview," an overhead look at your complete landscape. The same design run through a 3D video brings depth to the planview drawing, showing your landscape with changes in height and depth, and how masses of plants will grow together as they mature.

Before these plans become final, they begin as rough drafts. We'll work with you to tweak your designs, adding and subtracting elements until we've created the right plan for your home.

Once these designs are agreed upon, we'll get you onto our production calendar before arriving at your home to begin the new installation.


II. Installation

If the design process is about imagination and planning, the installation process is about action.

To the point, it's about making a mess.

Depending on the scale of your project, our installation crews could be on site for days or weeks at a time. This will often include the use of heavy equipment and power tools, in addition to dump trucks and other specialized equipment. Installations such as hardscapes and large planting jobs will temporarily turn your yard into an active construction zone.

To help you make sense of the process, team members will remain in touch throughout the job. Operations Managers will be on site to oversee crews, crew supervisors will keep the teams moving and your salesman will always be available for updates and to answer any questions you may have.

Things can look chaotic for awhile, but it's all part of the process.

III. Project Follow-Up

That's a done deal!

With the finishing touches put on the project, you'll be ready to start enjoying your new outdoor spaces.

We'll walk through the installation with you to make sure every detail has met your expectations. It's at this point that the follow-up process begins.

New hardscapes are ready to enjoy as soon as we leave the site. Plant and turf installations will require time to grow into maturity, and we'll leave you with guides and resources on how best to take care of your new plants in the critical early years following their installation.

Learn About Our Continuing Maintenance Programs Here

Follow-up maintenance is every bit as important as the initial installation. Unlike a new roof or kitchen, your new landscape installation is not done when our crews have left the job.

New landscapes are dynamic installations. They require continuing care and must be monitored for potential problems. While plants can survive on their own, guided care is the difference between a yard full of plants and the great landscape design you imagined.

We'll discuss maintenance options with you, creating a plan that is tailored to your new outdoor spaces.

After a few finishing touches on paperwork, your new outdoor spaces are yours to enjoy.


Are you ready to reimagine outdoor living for your home?