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Focused Care for Home & Business

Unlike most home improvement projects, the work of maintaining new landscapes isn't done when the last new plant is in the ground. Landscapes are dynamic, living spaces that require focused care and regular upkeep. Our maintenance teams have years of experience in maintaining new and old landscapes, from small city residences to large business campuses and HOA neighborhoods.

Our commercial maintenance teams have serviced our largest and most tenured accounts since the company's founding. The work of our commercial maintenance teams is not just to provide care for lawns and landscapes, but to maintain business relationships with property managers and owners.

Similarly, our residential maintenance teams work to maintain relationships with our clients. When our crews arrive, our clients know to expect clean trucks, crisp uniforms and the same signature care that sets our properties apart.

From early-season cleanups to weekly mowing and fall cleanups and winter prep, our landscape maintenance teams provide care that works year-round for your landscape.

What are the benefits?

Free Time
Reclaim the weekend. Let our teams handle your routine landscape maintenance while you enjoy your outdoor living spaces.
Commercial Care
Details matter, even in the smallest corners of the largest landscapes. Our commercial accounts receive the same focused care as our most intimate designs.
Curb Appeal
Your landscape is your home's first impression. Consistent, professional care ensures that new and old landscapes remain healthy and vibrant.
Plant Health
Routine maintenance is only the start. The most impressive landscapes place a continued focus on plant health care, from the ground up.

Landscape Maintenance Services


Spring Cleanup

Get the year started on the right foot. Spring cleanups clear out accumulated winter debris that can slow down the regrowth of perennials and turf. Removing debris is also the best way to improve the aesthetic of your home until spring blooms take place.

Bed Edging & Mulch

Clean lines and rich color provide an aesthetic spark from the moment the work is done. We'll edge your planting beds to create consistent, clean lines that help separate mulch from turf and paved surfaces. Mulch installations provide instant color, as well as weed suppression, moisture retention and protection against frost heaving in winter.


Tree & Shrub Pruning

Summer pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs is standard with all commercial and residential maintenance accounts. Selective pruning helps establish desirable growth patterns in young trees, while horticulturally-correct pruning practices will help keep your shrubs looking neat and natural.

Weekly Maintenance

Once the growing season is in full-swing, our crews focus on the weekly maintenance of all lawns and beds. Far from a mow-and-blow operation, weekly maintenance keeps lawns sharps, beds clean and free of weeds and provides peace of mind that your property always looks its best.

Professional Account Management

For our commercial accounts, total landcare goes beyond cutting grass and catching leaves. Our account managers can identify potential problems in the landscape, recommend solutions and design new landscape elements to bring value and appeal to properties of all types.

Seasonal Color

Boost the appeal of your outdoor spaces with seasonal color installations. From early-blooming spring bulbs to summer annuals and fall & winter decor, additional seasonal color services bring bursts of color and interest as the rest of your landscapes change throughout the year.


Mechanical Fall Turf Care

Keeping your lawn green and healthy is year-round work, and fall turf care is the way to make the most of it. Our mechanical fall turf care processes set the stage for brilliant spring growth by targeting not just the grass, but the soil below. Core aeration, overseeding and dethatching all work to help air and water flow more freely through your lawn, helping to create a picture-perfect lawn that is at its best in all seasons.

Fall Cleanup

Starting a new growing season the right way means finishing the previous season the right way. Fall cleanups provide leaf cleanups, the removal of expired perennials and ornamental grasses & general cleanup of other landscape debris. This service is especially important in turf or garden applications, where matted leaves can damage a lawn or perennials if left to rot throughout winter

Additional Landscape Maintenance Services

Take your landscapes to the next level with these optional landscape maintenance services. Reach out to see which projects are right for your landcare needs.

Plant Health Care
Erosion Control & Drainage
Snow & Ice Removal
Landscape Enhancements

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