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Barberry ‘Crimson Pygmy’ | Plant Profile

Barberry ‘Crimson Pygmy’ (Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea) are small, spiny shrubs with red-purple foliage and a rounded shape. Sweetly fragrant yellow flowers contract nicely with the red foliage. The flowers produce small red berries that remain on the plant well into winter, after the leaves have fallen.

‘Crimson Pygmy prefers dry to moist, well drained soils in full sun. While they can survive in part shade, the color is more vibrant in direct sunlight.

Barberry plants are often used as defensive hedges, or in gardens where thorns are not an issue. ‘Crimson Pygmy’ is more ornamental than other Barberry due to its small size.


Barberry 'Crimson Pygmy' Characteristics

'Crimson Pygmy' are dwarf cultivars of the Barberry family. They typically grow to about knee height and the red color is highly ornamental. The flowers and berries that are produced are attractive to pollinators and birds. When the leaves fall and only the berries remain, the colors can lose their purple undertones and become bright red.

These low maintenance plants have few serious disease or pest issues. Powdery mildew can occur. The berries are not edible to human and may cause an upset stomach.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 4 - 8
1.50 - 2.00'
2.50 - 3.00'
Bloom Time
Dry - Medium
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?