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Cancer Weed | Plant Profile

Cancer Weed (Salvia lyrata) are midwest wildflowers that naturally occur in low spots or along stream banks. Sparsely occurring, nodding flowers rise above the foliage. The lavender/blue flowers are relatively small. A member of the mint family, the irregular leaves are fragrant and attractive to butterflies and other beneficial insects.

Cancer Weed prefers average fertility, medium to wet soils in full sun.

Cancer Weed is best left for naturalized areas or pollinator gardens. The sparse and irregular leaves and flowers are rarely considered to be ornamentally appropriate for landscaping near housing.


Cancer Weed Characteristics

Cancer Weed are easy to grow wildflowers that are tolerant of low spots or overly saturated ground. Cancer Weed can survive in light shade, but the stems may flop and blooms may reduce in anything less than full sun. Cancer Weed may self seed to propagate in appropriate growing conditions.

Cancer Weed are hardy perennials that are rarely threatened by insect or disease.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 5 - 8
1.00 - 2.00'
0.75 - 1.00'
Bloom Time
April - June
Medium - Wet
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?