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Dawn Redwood | Plant Profile

Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptosoboides) is believed to have existed up to 50 million years ago, sharing characteristics with both sequoia and cypress species. This tall, strong sequoia will be a centerpiece in a large space or park.

Dawn Redwood have green needles turning bronze-colored in the fall, and a thick trunk with deeply-grooved and interesting bark. Well suited to larger landscapes and parks, the Dawn Redwood can grow well over 100 feet tall in some settings.

This is a deciduous conifer that, though similar in looks to many evergreens, will lose its needles in winter. Dawn Redwood tolerate wet ground and can be planted in relatively wet spots to absorb moisture. This is a hardy tree with little disease or insect issues.


Dawn Redwood Characteristics

The Dawn Redwood grows up to 100' with a thick trunk and deeply fissured bark. This brings interesting texture to the tree year-round as it drops it's needles for the winter. It's needles look like a standard evergreen in the summer, but they will turn a redish-brown color in the fall before dropping.

The Dawn Redwood is a towering and strong addition to any large space or public park. It is very tolerant of wet soils and standing water so it can be planted near natural springs to dry out wet spots. It is tolerant of clay and air pollution. This is a low maintenance tree that naturally holds it's shape and does not require pruning.


USDA Climate Zone
Zones 4 - 8
70 - 100'
15 - 25'
Bloom Time
Medium to Wet
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?