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Hinoki Cypress ‘Nana Gracilis’ | Plant Profile

Hinoki Cypress (Chamaecyparis) come in all shapes and sizes, with a multitude of cultivars to choose from.

Wild specimens of Hinoki Cypress stand up to 130′ tall, though many ornamental varieties have been cultivated to fit the landscape as featured plants. ‘Nana Gracilis’ is a very small ornamental variety and are commonly used as decorative pieces near houses or fences.

‘Nana Gracilis’ are an extremely slow-growing variety and will require little maintenance, though they are not as hardy as many native evergreen trees. Problems of root rot, excessive moisture and high wind exposure can damage them.

They are best used selectively in the landscape as an aesthetic planting, and are insignificant as green screens or wildlife habitats.


Hinoki Cypress 'Nana Gracilis' Characteristics

The Hinoki Cypress has over 200 varieties with the Nana Gracilis being one of the smallest available.

The Nana Gracilis as soft, sprawling needles, giving the tree a dense and 'fluffy' look. This makes it suitable to be planted near houses with small children as the trees are soft and sturdy.

Hinoki Cypresses grow best in cool, moist soil with good drainage. They also require slightly acidic soil, so it is best to keep mulch around the base. Yearly pruning of the brown branches is recommended.

USDA Climate Zone

Zones 4 - 8


1 - 2'


1 - 1.5'

Bloom Time





Full Sun



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