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Paperbark Maple | Plant Profile

Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum) are small ovate deciduous trees with upright branches. The cinnamon color bark peels away from the trunk and branches in very thin paper-like strips. These strips do not fall from the tree, remaining connected creating elegant curls. These highly ornamental trees have rose gold interior bark. The green leaves of spring and summer give way to fall colors in the autumn.

Paperback Maple prefers average fertility, medium moisture soils in full sun to part shade. The soils should be well drained to prevent root rot.

These small trees are perfect ornamental pieces for small landscapes. The most attractive feature of these trees is the peeling bark, so they offer most value when located in areas where the bark is easily visible. The curled bark is particularly showy in winter.



Paperbark Maple Characteristics

Paperbark Maple are famous for the curled peeling bark. The outer bark is a slight orange color while the inside is a very attractive rose gold. The green leaves have large flat teeth that are typical of maples. Samaras, commonly known as "helicopters" are spiral to the ground carrying seeds. These seeds are not often viable and propagation is difficult.

These low maintenance and showy ornamentals are easy to care for, particularly because of their strong resistance to serious pests and blights.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 4 - 8
20.00 - 30.00
15.00 - 25.00'
Bloom Time
Full Sun - Part Shade
Deer Resistant?