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Rattlesnake Master | Plant Profile

Rattlesnake Master (Eryngium yuccifolium) are prairie perennials that are commonly found in tallgrass prairies. The foliage resembles long thick grass and grows up to 3′ long. The greenish-white flowers are circular with tiny pointed scales. Flower clusters sit atop long and bare stems.

Rattlesnake Master prefers average fertility, dry to medium moisture, well drain soils in full sun.

Rattlesnake Master are best kept to naturalized, sunny areas. The flowers and foliage are not considered to be ornamental enough for display.


Rattlesnake Master Characteristics

Rattlesnake Master are prairie perennials that can be planted in dry, drought prone areas for a naturalized appearance or to assist with erosion control. They may propagate via self seeding in ideal conditions. They may lose height and sprawl in overly fertile soils or part shade. Do not attempt to transplant once established due to the deep taproots.

Rattlesnake Master has few serious insect or disease issues. The long stalks may fall with height. Planting in mass can assist as plants can provide support for each other.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 3 - 8
4.00 - 5.00'
2.00 - 3.00'
Bloom Time
June - September
Dry - Medium
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?