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Shrub Rose ‘Radrazz’ KNOCK OUT | Plant Profile

Shrub Rose ‘Radrazz’ KNOCKOUT are small deciduous shrubs with many large flowers on the ends of single stocks. The shrubs naturally grow into rounded shapes without pruning. The fragrant, dark pink-red roses have an extremely extended blooming season, from early summer until frosts set in. The dark green foliage turns to purple or burgundy in fall.

KNOCKOUT prefers acidic, medium moisture, well drained soils in full sun to part shade. Remove diseased or dead leaves and flowers as soon as they appear. Some slight pruning to shape may be desired in late winter. Remove spent flowers to encourage continued blooms.

KNOCKOUT are beautiful shrubs with plentiful flowers that make them useful in a variety of landscape applications. Plant individually as a focal point near entrances or outdoor patios. They can also be aligned to create a low showy and fragrant shrub border or hedge.


Shrub Rose 'Radrazz' KNOCK OUT Characteristics

KNOCKOUT are a variety of rose that are relatively disease resistant. The best performance occurs in full sun. Watering should be done at the base of the plant and should soak through to the base of the roots. These shrubs should be exposed to some air circulation to help to fend off fungus and mold. Mulch can help to create consistent moisture and to protect from cold winters. Winter protection over the body of the plant may be required.

KNOCKOUT are relatively disease resistant roses that rarely need treatment for the typical blights that roses experience. Some fungicide treatments may be required if spots appear.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 5 - 9
3.00 - 4.00'
3.00 - 4.00'
Bloom Time
June - Frost
Full Sun - Part Shade
Deer Resistant?