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This steep hillside bed was unusable due to water runoff and erosion. Our installation crew used Ohio Stone boulders to terrace the hillside, stabilizing the soil, creating pleasing, vertical planting spaces and controlling the erosion that had plagued the area for years.

Earth Elements


Harmony in design is the aim of any great landscaping project. We can help you achieve that harmony with a mix of living and non-living earth elements installed by our landscape construction crews.


This is the question we often get, and it's a product you likely encounter every day without realizing it. Hardscaping refers to all the non-living elements of your landscape (the trees, shrubs and annuals that usually get most of the attention are sometimes called the 'softscape.') 

We usually encounter hardscaping in the form of patios, sidewalks, brick or paver driveways and retaining walls. Our landscape construction crews can create these usable outdoor spaces, as well as helping to incorporate aesthetic hardscape elements like select boulders, natural walls and even water features.

These elements are as much about the function of your landscape as the form, and when matched with the right mix of living elements will create a more complete outdoor experience for your home.


Hardscape Gallery

Key Benefits of the Service

Great outdoor designs are about harmony. Our teams can combine living and non-living hardscape elements to give you more interesting landscapes, create usable outdoor spaces and make the most of your property.

  Long-Lasting Appeal. Hardscape elements add permanence to your designs.
  Extension of Your Home. Select hardscape elements can match your home and extend its beauty into your landscape.
  Visual Journey. Combinations of straight and flowing lines, horizontal and vertical elements create stunning design.
  Low Maintenance.  The permanence of hardscape structures creates low- to no-maintenance designs.
  Natural Design. Hardscape elements complement your planting designs to bring nature closer to your home.

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