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Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ | Plant Profile

Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’ are fragrant perennials with tubular stalks of blue-lavender flowers.The tightly packed flowers grow vertically on thick stems, reaching up to 3′ tall. The fragrant leaves are slightly minty-anise and can be used to flavor drinks. This is a hybrid species of natural wild flowers that make great additions to meadows or wild flower gardens.

‘Blue Fortune’ prefers medium moisture well drained soils in full sun to part shade. They may require some watering when young, but can tolerate somewhat dry soils once established. Not particularly winter hardy, these plants should not be pruned and need mulch in preparation for winter to prevent the roots from freezing.

The height of these flowers make them an ideal choice for borders, in backyard landscapes, and in wild flower meadows.


Agastache 'Blue Fortune' Characteristics

Agastache 'Blue Fortune' are fragrant perennials with long lived showy blooms. The small flowers appear blue to lavender and grow tightly packed together vertically on their stock. The medium green leaves are edible and can be used to flavor iced drinks or salads.

'Blue Fortune' should be planted in full sun with well drained soil. They are vulnerable to freezing temperatures and should be protected in the winter. Spent blooms should be deadheaded to promote new growth. If not given enough drainage, root rot may occur. Rust, leaf spots, and mildews may appear. Deer are not attracted to 'Blue Fortune' and generally opt to avoid these plants.

'Blue Fortune' are attractive to butterflies, bees. and other pollinating insects. They make great additions to pollinator gardens, meadows, or as borders. The aromatic leaves and flowers can be cut and displayed in indoor vases.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones  5 - 9
2.0 - 3.00'
1.50 - 2.00'
Bloom Time
July - September
Full Sun to Part Shade
Deer Resistant?