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Northern Lady Fern ‘Lady in Red’ | Plant Profile

Northern Lady Fern ‘Lady in Red’ (Athyrium filix-femina var. angustum) are deciduous ferns with elegant, lacy fronds. The triangular fronds are light green with 20-30 opposing leaflets that formm an arching habitat. Burgundy-red stripes gives this cultivar its name.

‘Lady in Red’ prefers fertile, medium moisture, well drained soils in part shade to full shade.

The lacy, delicate appearance of these ferns make them perfect additions to shady areas near housing or patios where the ornamental features can be appreciated. They are attractive in rock gardens or near ponds or water features. Their elegant fronds can tidy the appearance of the forest floor.


Northern Lady Fern 'Lady in Red' Characteristics

'Lady in Red' are easy to grow perennials that thrive in shady areas. While the soils should be kept consistently moist, they have better drought tolerance than most other ferns. Though shady areas are preferred, full sun is an option as long as the soils do not dry out. The delicate fronds may break in strong winds. Divide the clumps or raise the plant every few years to keep the crown at the soil level.

There are few serious disease or insect issues that threaten the health of 'Lady in Red'. Rabbits tend to avoid these ferns.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 4 - 8
1.50 - 2.50'
1.50 - 2.50'
Bloom Time
Part Shade - Full Shade
Deer Resistant?