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Boxwood ‘Winter Gem’ | Plant Profile

‘Winter Gem Boxwood’ (Buxus sinics var. insularis) is a variety of Korean Litttleleaf Boxwood. These shrubs are compact with plenty of foliage and tiny branches. They naturally grow into a rounded shape and only grow to 3′ tall and equally as wide. Insignificant but fragrant yellow and green flowers bloom in spring. These shrubs are very hardy to pruning and can be shaped as desired.

‘Winter Gem ‘ Boxwood prefers average fertility, medium moisture, well drained soils in full sun to part shade.

‘Winter Gem’ can be used as small hedges or borders. They are tolerant to pruning and can be shaped into formal hedges to compliment other formal landscaping features. These shrubs can be potted and turned into bonsai trees.


Boxwood 'Winter Gem' Characteristics

'Winter Gem' are hardy shrubs that are tolerant to cold, pruning, and many insects. When planted in part shade, a sun-dappled (part shade) option is best.

'Winter Gem' have shallow roots, so avoid adding extra plants at the base as the roots will compete. A thick layer of mulch protects the roots from winter freezing and to help to keep a consistent soil moisture.

While 'Winter Gem' have the best winter hardiness when compared with other Boxwoods, it is still advisable to plant in a location that is protected from strong winter winds. Remove heavy snow accumulations to avoid branch breakage. Remove dead or broken branches to help air circulation and to keep a tidy appearance.

This variety is able to keep its bright-green foliage throughout winter, unlike many other Boxwoods. Root rot is possible in poorly drained soils. Insect visitors are possible but uncommon.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 5 - 9
2.00 - 3.00'
2.00 - 3.00'
Bloom Time
Full Sun - Part Shade
Deer Resistant?