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Chinese Juniper ‘Fairview’ | Plant Profile

The Chinese Juniper ‘Fairview’ (Juniper chinesis) is a small to medium tree often used for ornamental and shrub purposes. It’s dense foliage creates a screen or natural fence when planted in rows.

The ‘Fairview’ is a hardy tree, tolerating average soils and clay. It requires moist but well drained soil. It is tolerant of freezing temperatures, strong winds, and deer.

It naturally maintains it’s pyramidal shape and does not require pruning, aside from the occasional irregular branch.


Chinese Juniper 'Fairview' Characteristics

This extremely hardy tree can thrive in many types of soil and is resistant to drought, deer, erosion, and city air pollution. It is commonly used as a hedge to protect from city traffic and sidewalks. Though tolerant of most soil types, the Chinese Juniper must have good soil drainage.

The Chinese Juniper will keep its needle year round and will attract birds, bringing a beautiful winter interest.

The Chinese Juniper is a hardy tree that can tolerate wind, deer, and many insects. It is susceptible to tips and needle blights, but is resistant to Cedar-apple rust which is common among junipers. If left in over-saturated soil root rot may develop.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 4  - 9
10 - 15'
4 - 9'
Bloom Time
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?