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Colorado Spruce ‘Fat Albert’ | Plant Profile

The ‘Fat Albert’ (Picea pungens) is a variety of Colorado Spruce that is native to the Rocky Mountains. It is a medium sized tree with silvery blue needles and drops 4″ seed-containing cones. An average Colorado Spruce grows up to 60′ but the ‘Fat Albert” will only reach up to 15’. Both have similar characteristics, with the ‘Fat Albert’ being a dwarf variety. It is a slow growing tree that is suitable to plant under powerlines.

The ‘Fat Albert’ must be grown in full sun but is tolerant of dry to medium moisture soils. It needs no pruning and is not prone to disease. Water only once a month while young if ground is dry. No watering is required once established.


Colorado Spruce & 'Fat Albert' Characteristics

The Colorado Spruce has densely packed branches giving the tree a thick, full appearance. The fullness makes it a good border or fencing tree providing plenty of privacy. The silvery-blue needles will help the tree to stand out among other green foliage. It is often planted in the corners of fences or in front lawns as focal points.

Used to the rough terrain of the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Spruce is tolerant of drought and dry-ish soils, making it perfect for hillsides. These trees are often planted closely together and do well in groups. This tree is also resistant to deer and air pollution and is not prone to disease and insects.

The 'Fat Albert' will only grow a few inches per year when young and will max out at 1' per year if properly cared for. The tree should be watered regularly until established. This tree does not require fertilization and will grow better without it.


USDA Climate Zone
Zones 3 - 7
10 - 60'
7 - 10'
Bloom Time
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?