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Chinese Juniper ‘Ontario Green’ | Plant Profile

The Chinese Juniper ‘Ontario Green’ (Juniperus chinesis) is a slender pyramidal shape with soft, full needles. Reaching only 15′ at maturity, it is a great addition to a small yard or near structures. If planted in a row they make a natural fence providing some privacy.

This tree is tolerant of city pollution and is narrow, making it a popular choice in city lawns. It can grow will in both dry and wet conditions but the soil must be well drained.

The ‘Ontario Green’ will maintain it’s pyramidal shape without significant pruning.



Chinese Juniper 'Ontario Green' Characteristics

The 'Ontario Green" has dark green needles that provide a beautifully textured winter interest. The needles are soft and the tree will fill out more at the bottom than the top, making a narrow cone shape.

Because of it's small size, this tree can be planted below power lines, near houses, and close to fences. It's thick, dark foliage make it a good tree for hedging, screens, and privacy.

The 'Ontario Green' is a hardy evergreen, tolerating most soil types and city pollution. However, the soil must have drainage as it is vulnerable to over-saturated ground.

USDA Climate Zone
Zone 4
10 - 15'
4 - 9'
Bloom Time
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?