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Creeping Jenny | Plant Profile

Creeping Jenny are viney, carpeting groundcovers with lime green leaves. As indicated by the name, Creeping Jenny send out runners and vines that creep along and root onto surfaces as they go. Creeping Jenny is characterized by small oval leaves and tiny yellow flowers in the summer.

This is a fast-growing groundcover that can become invasive if not properly managed. Its nature is to choke out weeds and grow rapidly in hard-to-plant areas. Creeping Jenny are tolerant of many conditions, thriving in full sun to part shade with medium to wet soil. They even tolerate shallow, rocky ground.

Creeping Jenny is a great option to dress up river or pond banks, and is ideally kept away from more vulnerable plants.


Creeping Jenny Characteristics

Creeping Jenny are a beautiful option as groundcover in large areas where the plants have room to spread without fear of interfering with other plants. In the wild they are often found near bodies of water due to their tolerance of wet and rocky soils. The sunnier the area, the yellower the leaves. They will maintain their deep green color in shady areas.

The vine appearance creates a soft look that is popular in pots and contained landscaping. Its draping vines spill over the edges of the containers, an element that plays well with more upright specimens in container arrangements. This is especially beautiful when draped over stone walls.

Creeping Jenny is not recommended for garden beds with other plants. Its aggressive nature will lead it to choke out other plant species if not managed properly.

Creeping Jenny are a popular option for woodlands and large areas where it is free to grow as it pleases. There are not many serious pests or diseases, but rust and leaf spots are possible.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones  3 - 9
.25 - .50'
1 - 1.50'
Bloom Time
Full Shade to Part Shade
Deer Resistant?