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Pennsylvania Sedge | Plant Profile

A Pittsburgh native, Pennsylvania Sedge (Carex pensylvanica) is a grass-like ground cover with thin leaves. Unlike other sedges, Carex pensylvanica grows well in dry soils. It is often used to line sidewalks or as a grass substitute.

Carex pensylvanica has a beautiful, thick, carpeting appearance, making it a common choice in meadows. This plant excels as a low-maintenance groundcover and does not require mowing. It is also a great pollinator, as it serves as a home to many caterpillars and other small insects. Birds can even be found using this sedge as a shelter.

This is hardy plant that can survive in both shade and sun. If planted in in extremely sunny area it is best to water it occasionally in the summer months. It is best kept away from the house as it will not tolerate heavy foot traffic.


Pennsylvania Sedge Characteristics

Carex pensylvanica resembles long grass. It often grows to only 1' tall and lays over nicely, creating a thick groundcover without becoming wild in appearance. It is often used as a low-maintenance grass substitute for lawns as it does not require mowing.

Though Pennsylvania Sedge thrives in dry soils, it can also tolerate temporarily wet ground. This hardy grass substitute is also tolerant of deer, heavy shade, and is not prone to pests.

It can be planted in meadows or along fences and walkways to bring thick texture to a landscape.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 3 - 8
.50 - 1.00'
.50 - 1.00'
Bloom Time
Dry to Medium
Full Shade to Part Shade
Deer Resistant?