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Japanese Zelkova ‘Green Vase’| Plant Profile

Japanese Zelkova ‘Green Vase’ (Zelkovta serrata) are medium to large deciduous ornamental trees. These trees have a narrow build with branches that create a vase shape. In spring, non-showy green flowers emerge. Spent flowers produce olive like seed bearing fruits. The elongated green leaves have serrated edges. The foliage can be either showy or undistinguished in fall. These trees have exfoliating gray bark that reveals orange inner bark with age.

‘Green Vase’ prefers average to fertile soils in full sun. The moisture content can be medium to wet with some drought tolerance. These ornamental trees are also quite tolerant of urban pollution.

‘Green Vase’s’ tolerance of urban pollution and narrow figure make them popular street trees. They are common in all sizes of landscapes as shade trees or accent pieces.


Japanese Zelkova 'Green Vase' Characteristics

Japanese Zelkova are popular street and landscaping trees. Their resistance to Dutch Elm Disease makes them preferable to the American Elm, a tree that has a similar shape but less disease resistance. 'Green Vase' are hardy cultivars of Japanese Zelkova, with better resistance to drought, pollution, and winter weather. 'Green Vase' are fast growing and more likely to have better fall color than other Japanese Zelkova.

'Green Vase' have few serious disease or pest issues. Phloem necrosis, wilts, and cankers are all possible, though uncommon. Spider mites, beetles, and scale may all make their homes on 'Green Vase'.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 5 - 8
60.00 - 80.00
40.00 - 50.00'
Bloom Time
March - April
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?