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Lilac ‘Ivory Silk’ | Plant Profile

Lilac ‘Ivory Silk’ (Syringga reticulata) can be grown as a small tree or large shrub. As a tree, the attractive natural shape is rounded at the top and flat at the bottom of the branches. Large groups of white flowers grow in 12″ panicles in summer. When young, the bark is reddish-brown that gradually turns grey. This tree has peeling bark that exfoliates from the branches and trunk.

‘Ivory Silk’ prefers average fertility, medium moisture soils in full sun. These trees need well drained soils and good air circulation.

‘Ivory Silk are beautiful focal points in a small landscape. Their small size and fragrant flowers make them perfect near outdoor living areas or as property line borders.



Lilac 'Ivory Silk' Characteristics

'Ivory Silk' are low maintenance ornamental trees that are suitable to small yards or spaces. They are tolerant of deer and clay soils, but attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinating insects.

The white flowers give way to brown seed capsules with age. Faded flowers should be removed before the seed capsules appear. Pruning should be done after flowering. These small trees are resistant to city air pollution and are popular choices in urban settings.

There are no life threatening diseases or pest issues for 'Ivory Silk', though some can occur such as leaf spot and caterpillars. New growth can be damaged by late frosts if not protected.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 3 - 7
20.00 - 25.00
15.00 - 20.00'
Bloom Time
May - June
Full Sun - Part Shade
Deer Resistant?