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Meehan’s Mint | Plant Profile

Meehan’s Mint (Meedania cordata) is a low growing ground cover with green leaves and lavender to bright blue flowers appearing in late spring. Meedhan’s Mint does not give off a minty fragrance, though the leaves resemble mint.

This is a small carpeting ground cover that is suitable for small areas of shade, in woodland areas, along walkways, or beside lakes and ponds.

Meehan’s Mint is perfect for shady areas or full sun. It prefers average soils and grows well in clay. The ground should be moist to average.


Meehan's Mint Characteristics

Meehan's Mint does not give off a mint fragrance even though the leaves resemble the herb. It survives best in partial shade but will survive in direct sunlight if it is watered.

It is a creeping ground cover the spreads via runners, or arms that reach out and root when they touch soil. It grows well in western Pennsylvania as it is a native plant, frequently growing in forests and hillsides. This low growing ground cover forms a thick carpet and the flowers are relatively large compared to the rest of the plant. It creates a beautiful border to finish off a garden.

Meehan's Mint does not have frequent disease issues though slugs may make their home on it. Deer will not be attracted to this plant.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones  4 - 8
.25 - .50'
.75 - 1.00'
Bloom Time
May - June
Full Shade to Part Shade
Deer Resistant?