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Pink Muhly Grass | Plant Profile

Pink Muhlygrass (Muhlenbergia capillaris) is a bright and showy ornamental grass. Growing up to 3′ tall, it is a medium sized ornamental grass with thick foliage. Summer brings vibrant and rich pink seed plumes reaching above the green blades. The cloud of pink seeds will hold on throughout fall making for an extended bloom season. The pink seeds and blades of grass turn to tan come winter but it will maintain its shape. Pink Muhly Grass is an excellent choice for someone who wants extended interest from summer to winter.

Pink Muhly Grass is not particularly appealing to deer, pests, and disease. Used to warm climates, it should also handle intense heat and drought relatively well.

Plant in areas of full sun to part shade. Some watering and fertilizing may be required until established. In late fall, mulch to protect the roots from the cold. Pruning can be done anytime after the leaves brown but before spring. Pink Muhly Grass is perfect for focal points or as a bright, beautiful backdrop.



Pink Muhly Grass Characteristics

These ornamental grasses are truly eye catching and can be a focal part of any landscape. Not only do they bring surprising color, the soft blades and seeds are particularly elegant while blowing in the breeze. The pink plumes are beautiful in summer and fall, while the tan grass adds texture and movement during winter.

Pink Muhly Grass prefers full sun in the Pennsylvania climate, but should survive in some shade. Well drained soil of most types are suitable. When young, this ornamental grass should be watered regularly, but should tolerate drought and dry climates once established. Occasional watering in extended droughts may be required. If soil is particularly infertile, one to two doses of fertilizer should keep Pink Muhlygrass healthy. Mulch should be applied before winter sets in. Mulch can help to protect the roots from freezing, which is a concern as this is typically a southern plant. It can also help to maintain an even amount of moisture in the soil between waterings. Pruning is recommended in late winter to get the most interest out of the tan leaves, but cut back the foliage before spring to make way for new growth.

It's medium size means that Pink Muhly Grass is an option for most sized yards. It is often planted in groups to create a "sea of pink". It is perfect to line walkways or fences. It can even be planted on its own to accent mailboxes, posts, or corners of fences. Large groups can be planted in meadows as mass groundcover.


USDA Climate Zone
Zones  3 - 9
2.00 - 3.00'
2.00 - 3.00'
Bloom Time
September - November
Dry - Medium
Full Sun to Part Shade
Deer Resistant?