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Plumbago | Plant Profile

Plumbago is a bushy ground cover that blooms small blue flowers from July to September.

The Plumbago survives well in partial shade, making it a good option to plant under trees or shrubs. It will easily fill in bare spots and bring color with it’s small blue flowers

This plant prefers average soils with good drainage but can tolerate clay. It is vulnerable to winter and needs to but cut back prior to the first frost. A heavy layer of mulch will help to keep the roots from freezing.


Plumbago (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides) Characteristics

Plumbago is a ground cover that slightly resembles a bush with it's height and dense foliage. It's long-lived blooms flower from July to September. The green leave of summer turn into a bronze-red color with fall bringing beautiful fall interest.

Plumbago is often used as an edger or ground cover in areas without full sun. It is tolerant of most soil types but will struggle in overly saturate ground. Plumbago is tolerant of clay soils.

It is vulnerable to extremely cold winters and may need shielded in the coldest months. Plimbago is not prone to any major diseases.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones  5 - 9
.75 - 1.00'
1.00 - 1.50'
Bloom Time
July- September
Full Sun to Part Shade
Deer Resistant?