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Wild Strawberry | Plant Profile

Wild Strawberry (Fragaria vesca) is a vibrant green ground cover with long lived blooms that produces small flowers and strawberries from May to August.

The Wild Strawberry prefers wooded areas away from direct sunlight and dry soils. They spread via runners and will see most growth in spring and fall. In winters it is best to cover with a thin layer of mulch to protect from the harsh cold air and freezing temperatures.

The tiny berries can be harvested for a bit of freshness, but are too small for a meal or snack. Wild Strawberries are often left to the birds or other small animals. These fruit-producing ground covers are great for pollinator gardens and bring vibrant colors in areas where other flowers may be hard to grow.


Wild Strawberry Characteristics

Wild Strawberry grows well in moist, well drained soil. It grows outward by long reaching arms, also called runners, that will periodically root. They grow small yellow/white flowers and will simultaneously grow small edible fruits. The fruits are so small, however, that this plant is best grown for aesthetic purposes rather than to harvest.

Wild Strawberries are best used as ground covers and edgers.The fruit is so small that it does not attract deer, but the plants are great for pollinator gardens.

Watering is required during the hottest months of the summer, and soil should always be moist but well drained. Some protection in the form of mulch or raked leaves should be added in the winter.


USDA Climate Zone
Zones 5 - 9
.25 - .75'
.75 - 1.00'
Bloom Time
May - August
Full Sun to Part Shade
Deer Resistant?