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Steeplebush | Plant Profile

Steeplebush (Spiraea tomentosa) are small, spreading deciduous shrubs that are native to wetlands. The dark green, serrated, oval leaves are covered in tiny yellow hairs. Small pink, red, or purple flowers grow in large pyramidal spikes. The flower “steeples” remain on the plant from July to September. Butterflies frequently visit the large flower panicles.

Steeplebush prefers average fertility, acidic, moist to wet soils in full sun.

Steeplebush are popular choices along pond or stream banks. They can be massed in low spots to absorb excess moisture in a landscape.


Steeplebush Characteristics

Steeplebush are showy shrubs with long-lived blooms that are perfect for naturalized wetland areas. They spread by basal shoots, or root suckers, to form large colonies and can become invasive if the shoots are not removed. Spent flower steeples should be removed encourage new steeples to bloom. These shrubs flower on new wood, so pruning should be done in late winter, before the plant exits hibernation.

There are few diseases or pest issues that threaten the life of Steeplebush. Leafspot, fireblight, and powdery mildew may appear. Insect pests may include caterpillars, scale, and aphids.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 3 - 8
2.00 - 4.00'
3.00 - 5.00'
Bloom Time
July - September
Medium - Wet
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?