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Winterberry ‘Nana’ RED SPRITE | Plant Profile

Winterberry ‘Nana’ RED SPRITE (Ilex verticillata) are small deciduous holly shrubs. This variety is slow growing with abnormally large bright red berries. They naturally grow into an irregular rounded shape. The shiny medium green leaves have several lobes with pointed tips. An abundance of large red berries cover the plant and attract birds throughout winter.

‘Nana’ prefers acidic, medium to wet soils in full sun to part shade. These are relatively hardy shrubs can be tolerant of clay or wet soils and air pollution.

‘Nana’ are prefect additions to gardens or landscapes seeking year-round interest. When the leaves drop in fall, the large red berries are on full display. These shrubs are ideal for low, showy informal hedges. Their tolerance of wet soils means that they can be located in low or wet spots to absorb excess moisture. Birds frequent these shrubs in the winter and are great additions to bird watching landscapes.


Winterberry 'Nana' RED SPRITE Characteristics

'Nana' RED SPRITE are small holly shrubs that are know for their abundance of red berries. Hollies are dioecious, meaning that plants are either male or female. Female plants must be pollinated by a male plant in order to produce the beautiful berries. One male shrub can pollinate up to 10 female shrubs. Pruning may be required to maintain a tidy shape in early spring.

'Nana' has few if any serious disease or insect threats. Leaf spot and powdery mildew may occur. Chlorosis in overly alkaline soils can kill these shrubs.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 3 - 9
3.00 - 12.00'
3.00 - 12.00'
Bloom Time
June - July
Full Sun - Part Shade
Deer Resistant?