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Sundrops | Plant Profile

Sundrops (Oenothera) are upright vibrant flowering perennials. The flowers can be bright yellow or pink and grow amongst the green foliage. The flowers each only last one day, though the flowering season lasts approximately 2 months. Spent flowers give way to club-shaped seed capsules.

Sundrops prefers fertile, dry to medium moisture, well drained soils in full sun.

Sundrops can bring pops of color to wildflower gardens and naturalized areas. They can create attractive borders to cottages or prairies and woodlands.


Sundrops Characteristics

Sundrops are low maintenance wildflowers that are perfect for naturalized hillsides or dry areas. Sundrops can tolerate high summer heat and dried out soil. Though fertile soil is preferable, Sundrops are generally able to tolerate poor soils. Sun dappled or light shade is tolerable. Cut back at the stems when flowering declines. They propagate via spreading runners that occasionally root as they touch the ground.

These hardy wildflowers have few serious disease or insect issues.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 3 - 8


1.50 - 2.50'
1.00 - 1.50'
Bloom Time
July - September
Dry - Medium
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?