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White Fir | Plant Profile

White Firs are the perfect addition to any yard in need of privacy and height. These soft-needled evergreens are ideal for families and pets. White Firs maintain their blue/green needles year-round, bringing some much needed color during the winter months.


White Fir Characteristics

A popular holiday tree that is at home in the Pittsburgh region, the White Fir is a popular choice for Christmas Trees and border plantings for homes in need of privacy and year-round color. Its soft needles and classic shape are a standout addition to any yard. In large yards these trees will bring texture, interest and a lovely backdrop to the landscape. Between properties they will serve as natural fences providing privacy and comfort. 

White Firs thrive in moist to occasionally dry soil and are the variety of Fir that are most suitable to the Pittsburgh climate. However, it is best to avoid heavy clay for successful root growth. These trees require partial to full sunlight and can reach from 40-70 feet.

These trees do not require trimming if kept away from the house. They do not attract deer or pollinators, but will provide protection for birds and nests. 

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 5 - 9
40 - 70'
25 - 30'
Bloom Time
Part Shade to Full Shade
Deer Resistant?