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Daylily | Plant Profile

Daylily (Hemerocallis) are herbaceous perennials with many varieties. Varieties all have similar requirements and appearances, however the colors of the flowers vary by cultivar. The vibrant flowers are funnel shaped and made up of multiple segments that join at the base. The foliage resembles thick grass that is upright at the base but cascades back to the earth at the tip.

Daylily prefers average fertility, well-drained soils with medium moisture. They are best planted in full sun to part shade. They are tolerant of heat but require watering in times of drought. The foliage should be cut back before winter.


Daylily Characteristics

As indicated by the name, each flower only remains open for one day. Many flowers pop up throughout the growing season resulting in the appearance of long-lived blooms. The foliage forms clumps at the base with grass-like leaves that cascade beneath the flowers.

Daylily's root system need deep fertile soil. Spent flower should be deadheaded daily to maintain a tidy appearance. In times of drought or dry spells, Daylily should be watered significantly to reach the bottom of the deep roots. They can slowly grow outward so should be divided every few years to control the size. The leaves are not tolerant of Pittsburgh winters and should be cut nearly to the ground before heavy freezing.

While mites may occasionally make Daylily their home, the plant are not susceptible to many serious diseases. Rust may appear on the underside of leaves. They are tolerant of city are pollution and rabbits are not particularly attracted to these perennials.

Daylily can be installed in mass or as ornamental pieces. The elegant foliage brings texture to gardens even outside of the blooming season. If planted in mass, weeds may not be able to survive, making for an effective groundcover. They are frequently used to border fences and structures or along the edges of gardens.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones  3 - 9
1.00 - 1.50'
1.00 - 1.50'
Bloom Time
June - August
Full Sun to Part Shade
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