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Juniper ‘Sea Green’ | Plant Profile

Juniper ‘Sea Green’ are compact evergreen shrubs. The soft green colored scale-like needs grow up and outwards, resembling a fountain. The green foliage remains vibrant through out the winter, but may turn a darker shade of green. The fountain-like branches are loosely packed, but the needles are long enough to prevent the shrub from looking bare.

‘Sea Green’ prefers medium moisture soils in full sun. Soils should be well drained and of average fertility. They are tolerant of clay soils which are common around the Pittsburgh area as long as it is still well drained.

When massed, the loose branches can take on a cloud-like appearance. They can be installed as informal hedges or tall groundcovers. They area popular option along borders such as fences and foundations.


Juniper 'Sea Green' Characteristics

'Sea Green' are easy to grow low maintenance hedges with fragrant leaves and a soft appearance. The leaves often attract birds, but are not interesting to deer and rabbits. The evergreen needles bring beautiful winter interest.

Their tolerance to a wide array of soils and their spreading root systems means that they can be effective in erosion control. They are popular choices in city gardens as they are not vulnerable to city air pollution.

'Sea Green' is resistant to cedar apple rust, a common blight among other junipers. However, root rot is likely if left in poorly drained soils. Insects can occasionally make their home in the needles, but can be controlled with pesticides if desired.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 4 - 9
4.00 - 6.00'
6.00 - 8.00'
Bloom Time
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?