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Norway Spruce | Plant Profile

The Norway Spruce (Picea abies) is a large evergreen that reaches up to 60′ in the mid-Atlantic climate. It has dark green needles and drops large pine cones.

It is a popular choice for large privacy plantings and as habitat for birds and small wildlife. The Norway Spruce can serve a a windbreaker in large lawns.

The Norway Spruce is an easy tree to care for as it does not require pruning and will hold it’s own against invasive species. One established it will not require watering.



Norway Spruce Characteristics

The Norway Spruce has long reaching arms that slightly curl upwards. They are often found in large numbers in wooded areas and parks and can create a thick barrier between large lawns. Their thick branches attract nesting birds, but are of no interest to deer. The dark green needles keep their color throughout the year, bringing the perfect winter interest after a fresh snowfall.

Norway Spruces are tolerant of air pollution and dry soils once established. It thrives in many types of soil and grows best in slightly moist soil with full sun. With no common diseases or vulnerabilities, this is truly a "plant it and leave it" tree.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 2 - 7
40 - 60'
25 - 30'
Bloom Time
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?