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Canadian Hemlock | Plant Profile

A very popular and common evergreen, the Canadian Hemlock (tsuga Canadensis) is the state tree of Pennsylvania.

These evergreens can be found growing throughout wild spaces across Pennsylvania. Accustomed to damp soil and partial shade, the Canadian Hemlock is well suited to the mid-Atlantic climate, and is at home in a variety of landscape settings.

Unlike most large trees, Canadian Hemlock can tolerate a good deal of shade. The Canadian Hemlock will require regular watering when young and in time of drought in maturity.


Canadian Hemlock Characteristics

The Canadian Hemlock is a member of the pine family and unlike other varieties of hemlock, is not poisonous. It's dark green needles are very short and densely packed.

The Canadian Hemlock may grow up to 70', but there are a few notable varieties often used in landscaping. The Dwarf 'Gentsch White' is the smallest variety at only 4'. The 'Everitt's Golden" grows up to 10', is narrow, and has a golden hue rather than green. The 'Sargent' grows up to 8', is very wide, and is a weeping form.

These trees grow well in moist soil and are tolerant of part shade. They do well in groups and with other trees that can shelter them from strong winds and sun. Canadian Hemlocks attract deer.

Canadian Hemlocks can be pruned to maintain a regular shape but it is not a requirement for the health of the tree. They are susceptible to woolly adelgid, an insect that drinks sap. If left untreated with pesticides the woolly adegid can kill the tree.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 3 - 7
40 - 70'
25 - 30'
Bloom Time
Part Shade to Full Shade
Deer Resistant?