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Orange Stonecrop | Plant Profile

Orange Stonecrop (Sedum kamtschaticum) is a thick succulent with many varieties. Appearances can vary greatly between cultivars.

Often planted to fill in crevices or tightly packed as groundcovers, Orange Stonecrop prefer direct sunlight and dry soils. These are one of the few succulent varieties suited to the Pittsburgh climate, as they are relatively hardy to cold winters. Succulents have extremely thick ‘meaty’ leaves that retain moisture during droughts and hot seasons.

It is best to avoid over watering, as this is a common downfall of succulents.

Propagation tends to be easy, as the tips can be clipped off and placed directly onto soil. These clippings should take root and create a new plant.


Orange Stonecrop Characteristics

Orange Stonecrop has many varieties with extremely different appearances, making for beautiful variety in a garden or outdoor pots.

Var ellacombeanum (pictured) has thick and triangular bright green leaves. The leaves may turn reddish in fall and winter. It has bright yellow star-shaped flowers in spring and summer. It is best to cut the blooms back after flowering to remove dead foliage.

Sedum Sieboldii have dark green leaves and light pink flowers. The leaves may turn red to orange in the fall and winter. They grow in small mounds with slightly reaching arms. The small flowers form a star shape, are clustered and appear as round bunches.

Sedum Voodoo, also known as Crimon Voodoo, has thick green leaves and and abundance of dark red flowers. Like the other stonecrop varieties, the leaves are star-shaped and grow in clusters. However, these flowers are more upright than the two counterparts listed so flowers are not as circular in appearance.

All Orange Stonecrop are succulents which need full sun and little water. It is best to remove dead flowers, but not essential to the health of the plant. These plants do not have many diseases or pest issues, but root rot is common if over-watered.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones  3 - 8
.25 - .50'
.50 - 1.50
Bloom Time
May - June
Dry - Medium
Full Sun to Part Shade
Deer Resistant?