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Spotted Deadnettle | Plant Profile

Spotted Deadnettles are a carpet forming ground cover that is easy to grow given the right conditions. They will spread rapidly but are not considered invasive as the growth is easy to control.

The leaves are serrated triangles with a silvery-white color and green hue. Spotted Deadnettles spread through the root system and will grow runners that root where they touch soil. Clusters of pink, red, or purple flowers will appear, but their small size does not allow them to be the focal point of this ground cover.

Preferable growing conditions include part to full shade, medium moisture and well drained soils. Growth many be stunted in summer if exposed to too much sun.


Spotted Deadnettle Characteristics

Spotted Deadnettles are a chalky-white mat forming ground cover. These plants will do well in shade with medium moist soils. Moisture should be evenly distributed to prevent bare patches.

There are not many serious diseases or pets, however slugs and snails sometime appear. Root rot is likely in poorly drained soils and bare spots may form if exposed to too much sun and heat. If cover starts to thin out, cut back some of the foliage to stimulate new growth.

Spotted Deadnettles are often planted in small areas for ground cover or as an edger in gardens. They also are a popular choice for hanging baskets or pots as they are unlikely to choke out other flowers.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones  3 - 8
.50 - .75'
2 - 3'
Bloom Time
May - July
Full Shade to Part Shade
Deer Resistant?