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Russian Sage | Plant Profiles

A great low-maintenance perennial, Russian Sage (Perovskia atriplicifolia) is a hardy, drought-tolerant plant with long-lived blooms at home in a variety of gardens.

Native to central Asia, Russian Sage adapts well to the mid-Atlantic climate, tolerating hot summers and cold winter months. Once established, this drought-tolerant plant can serve as a splash of color in rock gardens, hillsides or other difficult, full-sun areas where most perennials struggle.

Russian Sage are also at home in pollinator gardens. They are members of the mint family, making them naturally resistant to damage by deer and rabbits while attracting smaller, desirable wildlife.


A great low-maintenance perennial, Russian Sage is at home in a variety of gardens. It features season-long blooms and its stems provide a bright, white interest in the garden in winter.

Russian Sage is great in pollinator gardens while being unattractive to deer and rabbits. Its nearly year-round interest makes it a wonderful addition to the perennial garden, one requiring very little maintenance to thrive.

Left untouched, Russian Sage can grow up to 4-5' tall, though seasonal pruning and occasional dividing of the plants is recommended. Russian Sage spread by runners and grow well in masses - they should be monitored if part of a larger garden where plant masses are meant to be more 'contained.'

Russian Sage Characteristics

USDA Climate Zone

Zones 5 - 9


3 - 4'


3 - 4'

Bloom Time

Spring - Summer - Fall




Full Sun



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