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Spiderwort ‘Sweet Kate’ | Plant Profile

Spiderwort ‘Sweet Kate’ (Tradescantia) are small, clump-forming perennials with golden-yellow leaves and purple-blue flowers. The foliage resembles thick grass blades with an elegant arching shape. The vibrant flowers contrast beautifully against the foliage. The flowers sit atop narrow, stiff stems.

‘Sweet Kate’ prefers average fertility, medium to wet, well drained soils in full sun to part shade.

‘Sweet Kate’ have a wide variety of landscape applications. Both the foliage and the flowers are attractive additions to rock gardens, They can also compliment water features such as streams or ponds. Allow to naturalize in wildflower gardens or meadows.


Spiderwort 'Sweet Kate' Characteristics

'Sweet Kate' are easy to grow perennials when located in appropriate conditions. The soils should remain moist and acidic at all times. Wet and boggy soils are tolerable. Deadheading spend flowers prolongs the blooming period. Foliage and flower blooms may decline in the height of summer. When this occurs, cut the foliage nearly to the ground to allow for late summer rebloom. Control the size by division.

Young foliage or new growth can be damaged by snails and caterpillars. In mid summer, the foliage may become tangled and unattractive which can be controlled by heavy pruning.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 4 - 9
0.75 - 1.00'
0.75 - 1.00'
Bloom Time
May - July
Medium - Wet
Full Sun - Part Shade
Deer Resistant?