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Swiss Stone Pine | Plant Profile

Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus cembra) is a slow-growing, medium-sized evergreen with long, soft needles. Its colors range from dark green to bluish green.

Wild versions can grow up to 30 or 40′, although a number of dwarf varieties make it a choice plant for small areas and as a specimen planting in the landscape.

Swiss Stone Pine requires regularly watering while young, but does not need watered once established. It is resistant to most diseases and insects. It maintains it’s shape naturally and does not require pruning except for the occasional irregular branch.


Swiss Stone Pine Characteristics

The Swiss Stone Pine maintains a pyramidal shape in its youth, but becomes more rounded with age. It has long soft needles that grow in bundles of five. This is a medium-sized tree, reaching up to 40 feet tall in the wild.

Swiss Stone Pine produces small cones and edible seeds known as pine nuts. Although wild varieties may reach 40' in height, the most common varieties in the landscape ('Glauca' or 'Chalet') are dwarf trees that maintain much smaller growth.

These small trees thrive in medium moisture soils with full sun, and are deer resistant.

USDA Climate Zone
Zones 4 - 7
30 - 50'
10 - 25'
Bloom Time
Full Sun
Deer Resistant?