To our customers,

As some of you may have noticed, our crews are on the road and working in your neighborhoods. As an essential business, we are thankfully able to continue providing service while keeping all our staff employed at regular rates.

This unprecented time has necessitated new work safety practices intended to keep our crews working safely. Distancing measures, personal protective equipment and regular sanitation have all become part of our routine, even working in the relative safety of the outdoors.

That said, we understand that we’re not just working outdoors – we’re working in your neighborhoods and near your homes. That’s why our crews are regularly trained and outfitted with the latest and best guidance in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

We’re sharing some of these new work safety practices here in hopes that it will demonstrate our commitment to working safely and productively during this time.

Please view the latest staff guidance in the link below. The following is posted throughout our office, in addition to further handwashing, social distancing and other safety guidelines.

View our latest safety guidance here

Each of our crews in maintenance and design/install is in the field, and our sales and support staff are still providing estimates and designs for prospective clients. While we take these new measures, we are thankful that business is still able to continue in a relatively normal fashion.

We’ll continue to work with our staff to make sure they are working and traveling responsibly. We understand that working on your property and near your homes makes distancing and safe work practices all the more essential, and it is an evolving effort to make sure we are in keeping with the latest guidance from state government and health officials.

We are always here to answer concerns and explain our process. Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

Sylvan Gardens Landscaping