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04 Feb 2018

Five Common Types of Winter Plant Damage

One of the biggest benefits of planting with native or hardy plants is resistance to harsh winter conditions. However, even the best-suited plants can become damaged by harsh Northeast winters.

Pittsburgh residents are no stranger to these challenges, and neither are we. While potholes and gray skies get most of the attention, the stress of winter weather can be particularly harmful to plants — even those that are well-established and well-suited to the region.

We can’t control the weather, but we can adapt to it. Here, we’ll list five common types of winter plant damage, and how you can remedy those stresses and even avoid them altogether.


26 Jan 2018

Why Professional Snow Removal is Right for Your Business

Pittsburgh is no stranger to wintry weather, and we’re all familiar with what the season brings — snow and ice, howling wind and potholes. It’s enough to think about keeping warm and dry, but businesses and homeowners’ associations also need to think about the safety and convenience of their clients. If you’re thinking about adding this service to your commercial property, consider these five benefits of professional snow removal.