Pittsburgh is no stranger to wintry weather, and we’re all familiar with what the season brings — snow and ice, howling wind and potholes. It’s enough to think about keeping warm and dry, but businesses and homeowners’ associations also need to think about the safety and convenience of their clients. If you’re thinking about adding this service to your commercial property, consider these five benefits of professional snow removal.

The Right Equipment

If you’ve ever taken a snow shovel to your driveway after a storm, you can probably imagine how good a brand new snowblower would look.

Now, imagine a fleet of them.

Professional snow removal programs often deploy road crews and sidewalk crews to focus on specific parts of a commercial property. Road crews are fully equipped to handle parking lots, driveways and small roads during snowstorms, a critical part of any large-scale snow removal operation. A good snow fleet includes plow trucks equipped with salt spreaders, material handlers and small tractors. Sidewalk crews are stocked with a fleet of snowblowers and other industrial snow removal equipment.

Efficiency is key to snow removal operations, especially for businesses that count on their lots to be maintained before and during business hours. By deploying separate crews to manage pedestrian and automobile surfaces simultaneously, your property is cleared when it counts.

The Right Products

Winter throws all kinds of conditions at us. Snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain — you name it. Controlling the elements requires a mix of mechanical and chemical controls, and the right icemelt chemicals are an essential element in snow removal.

Good old rock salt is the most common icemelt element, ideally suited for roads and driveways. However, careful application of rock salt is critical to maintaining vegetation that often gets hidden under the snow.

The proper distribution of rock salt will keep excess material from reach your turf or planting beds, preventing unsightly damaged that must be addressed in the spring.

For pedestrian surfaces, alternative icemelts like calcium chloride are a good alternative to road salt. They’re less messy, work at low temperatures and don’t cause as much damage to plant life when inevitable runoff material reaches the vegetation.

Reduce Your Liabilities 

Snow removal isn’t just a matter of convenience. Treacherous winter conditions are a health hazard, and without providing reasonable care to remove snow and ice, common slip-and-fall accidents can quickly turn into lawsuits.

Reducing that liability is key. But addressing storms as they happen isn’t easy. Professional snow removal services tend to accumulation at key times, whether first thing in the morning or during the rush hour commute.

Consider Your Whole Property

When the snow flies, it’s easy to forget that there’s an entire landscape hiding beneath the white stuff. That’s especially true when cars are sliding and temperatures are freezing.

Given those conditions, it’s easy to want to throw salt everywhere — as much as it takes — until the work is done.

Tempting as this is, excess icemelt chemicals can very easily damage your landscape. These results often aren’t visible or top of mind until spring time, but incorrect or excessive icemelt use can result is painful and expensive landscape repairs when your plants and turf ought to be taking up nutrients and sprinting into the growing season.

With professional snow removal service, proper application techniques can not only handle winter conditions the right way, but also avoid expensive repairs to damaged vegetation.

Timely, Coordinated Care

There’s no controlling when a storm will hit. Professional snow crews are able to coordinate service based on the type of storm and time of day.

At it’s worst, that could be piles of snow during your rush-hour commute, or overnight freezing temperatures that turn your lots into skating rinks. Being able to tackle changing conditions outside of regular business hours is mandatory in keeping your liabilities down — but that doesn’t make the work any easier.

By employing full-service snow crews, you can count on the best possible response to even the worst weather conditions.

We Can Provide Professional Snow Removal For Your Business

Though spring is on the horizon, winter still has its way of muscling in. If you’re considering professional snow removal for your business, neighborhood or even a single-family house, get in touch with us today.

We’ll schedule a consultation and discuss how professional snow removal service can give you and your customers peace of mind.

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